Shamir Autograph Freeform

The worlds most advanced back-surface FreeformTM progressive lenses, fully personalized for any lifestyle.

Freeform Advantages

  • Eliminate front curve distortion.
  • Significantly expand visual zones.
  • Smooth gradation of power, gentle binocular balance, and guaranteed near vision Performance.
  • Highly sophisticated geometries and design technology.
  • Customized design for frame size and shape ensuring the best overall visual performance for any b measurement, large or very small, down to a 13mm fitting height.
  • A/R coating eliminating reflections and improve visual acuity.
  • Plus much more!!

PureCoat by Zeiss

High 99 percent luminous transmittance delivers crisper vision that is virtually free from distracting reflections. Anti-static technology sealed with a super-slick coating resists smudges and dirt keeping the lenses cleaner much longer. Exceptional abrasion resistance and a long-lasting hydrophobic coating resists scratches and makes the lenses easy to clean for the life of the prescription. Independent testing by COLTs Laboratories shows that the surface retains 96 percent of its hydrophobic capabilities after the equivalent of two years of normal wear and tear. VSP “D” coating.

PureCoat by Zeiss is currently available on over 400 substrates, including most Zeiss, SOLA and AO lenses, and many lenses from other manufacturers, with more substrates being qualified continually

Teflon Clear Coat Lenses

Teflon Clear Coat Lenses — Now see clearer and crisper than ordinary lenses. Teflon has super hydrophobic for outstanding scratch protection, and repels dust and water making lenses easy to clean. Its super hard coating and less than 1 percent reflection makes Teflon clear coat lenses a great premium anti-reflection product.

Zeiss Carat Advantage

Carat Advantage® by ZEISS coating takes ease of cleaning to new levels. In addition to the anti-reflective and scratch protection properties of traditional Carat®, the new hydrophobic finish of Carat Advantage® makes lenses more smudge resistant and easier to clean than ever before.

Traditional ZEISS anti-reflective coatings on eyeglass lenses help diminish glares, enabling you to see better. They also get rid of the reflections that others see in your glasses, enhancing your vision and your appearance. In addition, ZEISS coatings make your lenses six times stronger than uncoated lenses - making them harder to scratch.

ZEISS coatings never crack, peel or flake -- guaranteed